5 Uplifting Tips to Help You Cope with Depression

Anyone who's ever experienced depression knows it runs so much deeper than just "a case of the blues". Depression is a real emotional rollercoaster and can leave you feeling helpless. But there are ways to handle the dark days and things you can do to empower yourself. Here are 5 uplifting tips to help you cope with depression.

Talk and share!

Probably the most beneficial thing you can do is talk to someone - to a friend, a relative or a qualified therapist. You may feel awkward at first, but once you've let your emotions out, you'll experience a new-found lightness of being.

 Learn to love yourself

Self-care is not - repeat, not - selfish. So put *you* first and incorporate a little self-care into your daily routine. Light a scented candle or take a warm bath filled with your favourite bubbles. Treat yourself to a fancy coffee or an inspirational bracelet from our collection. It's surprising how the smallest acts can have the most positive effect on your mood.

 Get out and get active!

Studies show that exercise and being outdoors can help lift your mood. Start with baby steps if you don't feel confident; take a short walk in the fresh air, smell the flowers, be in the moment. You'll get a major serotonin boost - that's a brain chemical that contributes to feelings of wellbeing.

 But also make sure you catch some zzzzs

Depression can keep you awake all night or have you snoozing all day. Either way, it makes you feel pretty wiped out. So try to stick to a routine to ensure you get those all-important eight hours at the right time of day.

 Stay strong and slog it out

Yes, you're likely to experience bad days and setbacks. But remember: you are perfect, you are loved and you will make it. It's always darkest before the dawn *true story* so slip that empowerment bracelet onto your wrist, hold your head high and show depression what you're made of!