It Just Takes Some Time Inspirational Bracelet

They say time's a healer. Admittedly, that's hard to believe when you're feeling hopeless. But with this pretty bangle on your wrist, you'll come to see the wisdom in those words.

All things happen for a reason, remember? Trust us; you didn't accidentally stumble across this inspirational bracelet! You've found the hope and reassurance you were searching for - keep it close when you could use a self-belief boost, or pass on the positive vibes to a friend in need!

Lost, grieving, feeling like every day's an epic fail? Relax, girl: you'll get there. It just takes some time.

What are Decorus bracelets made from?

All Decorus bracelets are made from tarnish-resistant stainless steel. They're lead-free and hypoallergenic. Our gold and rose gold bracelets are given an 18K-plated finish for a luxurious shine. With proper care (see below for details), our bracelets stay looking new and last for years.

 How do I adjust my bracelet for the perfect fit?

Our bracelets come in one size only but are easy to adjust and will fit most wrists. Simply place your bracelet on your desired wrist and with your opposite hand gently squeeze the bracelet's ends to make it smaller. Ensure the bracelet fits comfortably and is still easily removable. Your bracelet will not fall off if adjusted correctly.

 How should I care for my bracelet?

Avoid wearing your bracelet when showering or swimming and when using a sauna or steam room. Don't allow your bracelet to come into contact with perfumes or lotions. When you remove your bracelet, be sure to store it in the bracelet box supplied. If you follow this care advice, your bracelet will be protected and stay looking beautiful!


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